I have continued to work on getting the original Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge video cut up and posted here to the Skinning Shed. And we are now ready to show off a couple of more great clips from it.

First we have a super informative video of how to hunt hogs with Danny Harrell showing hunters what sign they should be looking for and in what habitat when pursuing hogs. He also talks about how hogs live and what they do so that hunters understand these creatures better, and therefore are more knowledgeable when hunting them. This is a real must-see if you are new to hog hunting, especially South Carolina hog hunting!

Second we have a neat clip of a great South Carolina hog hunt with a bow. Ferrell L. of North Carolina sits quietly while a nice pack of meat hogs pile into the bottom he is hunting, then sticks a nice one.

The third video clip is of Ron Tabor, Cypress Creek’s old marketing/media coordinator, shooting a monster buck here in the lowcountry of South Carolina. Ron was even filming himself when he shot this great 8 point during the peak of the rut.

And forth we have one of Cypress Creek’s many lady hunters taking a beautiful doe. Marcey H. hides patiently in one of our big tower stands and then whacks a big skinhead.

So there, four big clips to keep everyone’s hunting itch scratched until you can make it down and hit the woods with us. And speaking of hitting the woods with us, we had a small group in camp this past weekend, and I have been told that they were covered up in hogs: killing two, wounding two and missing two more.  And this was all on top of seeing lots more!

Unfortunately I was off this past weekend, so I don’t have any pictures yet. However they took a bunch and have promised to email us copies. Of course, I will get them up along with more details of their hunt as soon as I get them. I should also have some great new trailcam pics from our new Cuddieback over on the Bow Camp too.


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