Mike and his great lowcountry boar

Mike and his great lowcountry boar

That’s right. It’s the summer and many people are headed to the beach to spend the hot days lying on the sand. However for those true hunters that are going crazy during the dog days and really need an outdoor fix, there is nothing like hitting the woods for a well-deserved hog hunt. And like I have said before, while it might be warm here in the lowcountry with a few bugs, there is very little pressure during the summer, so the hunting can still be very good.

And sure enough, this past weekend proved it again. We had just 4 hunters at the lodge, but managed to kill two nice pigs with everyone seeing hogs and having great hunts. Mike started us off on Friday evening when he shot a monster 225 pound boar with good 2.5 inch cutters over on Boggy Creek while his hunting partner, Adam, also had opportunities for his first hog ever that same night, but chose to watch the meat hogs to see if a bigger one showed. Andruis, down from NY, rounded out the kills when he took a nice 80 pound meat hog down at Boggy that same night while on just a one day hunt.

Andruis with his 80 pound meat hog

Andruis with his 80 pound meat hog

We also had Dan and his son down, and they saw some small hogs while here but just didn’t ever get a big one to come out. But that is real hunting, and since they are already planning to come back, we will just plan to work even harder to get them on some good hogs next time. Now we have small gap in hunters, so we all are taking a break for the next 10 days or so when a big group of 11 hunters come in for the weekend of June 12th. We should really do well then since we  just had a BIG full moon this past weekend, and that usually hurts the hog hunting, so we were pleasantly surprised that we had as much movement as we did. So if we had good hunting on a full moon, we should really do well on a dark moon for the 12th. And we look forward to sharing the details of that hunt with you!

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  1. cypressc says:

    Art, It is so good to hear from you… I would love for you to come down and join me for a hog hunt ANYTIME you can. I have a stand waiting for you and Phillip.

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