New Deer Regulations to apply for 2017.  Beginning August 2017, all deer harvested must be tagged: Buck or Doe and the limits/regulations have changed.


ALL BUCK and DOE TAGS MUST be purchased from the SC DNR. NO TAGS WILL BE ISSUED OVER THE COUNTER AT POINT OF SALE VENDORS. (Walmart, Cabelas, Wiggins Hardware, etc)


* Residents that have an active license/big game permit when deer season begins will automatically receive their base tags in July.


*Non-residents may purchase their license/big game permit over the counter, online, or by phone, but your tags Must be purchased from the SC DNR offices, online or by phone.   If you have an active license/big game permit, you can request your tags after July 1, 2017 by phone @1-866-714-3611 or online @ dnr.sc.gov/purchase.  All tags will be mailed out after August 1, 2017.  Please allow at least 7-10 days for your tags to arrive in the mail. You must have a valid license/big game permit & your Deer Tags before you arrive to deer hunt. We will not be able to get your Buck tags for you upon arrival at the lodge.


SC Residents:

When you purchase your license, you will get, at no additional cost:

** 3 unrestricted Buck tags & 8 Doe tags to be used on certain dates. (Doe days)

You can purchase 4 additional Doe tags for $5.00 each to be used on Doe days.

You can also purchase 2 additional Buck tags for $5.00 each.  The bucks tagged with these

additional tags must have a minimum of 4pts on 1 antler or at least a 12” inside antler spread.

** Youth will receive base set of tags for free by request and may purchase 1 additional Buck tag for

$50.00 and up to 4 Doe tags for $10.00 each.


Non SC Residents:

The basic price for your non-resident hunting license & big game permit has not changed.

($40.00 3 day permit – $125.00 annual license, plus $100.00 big game permit for deer)


In addition to your license, you may purchase up to 4 Buck tags.  

** 2 unrestricted Buck tags

** 2 antler restricted Buck tags:  4 points on 1 antler or a minimum 12” inside spread.

** Cost:  $50 for the 1st Buck tag & $20 for each additional ($110 for all 4)

** No particular order in which the tags can be purchased or used.  You do not have to purchase all 4.

**Youth will receive base set of tags for free by request and may purchase 1 additional Buck tag for

$50.00 and up to 4 Doe tags for $10.00 each.


CYPRESS CREEK WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE OUR HUNTERS WITH DOE TAGS at no cost to you and our harvest limit will still be 2 deer per day.  The limits/regulations above are for the counties and zones that Cypress Creek hunts in.  If you will be hunting in other counties and zones, you will need to check with the SC DNR to see limit/regulations that apply to those areas.


To purchase license/big game permits & Tags over the phone call: 1-866-714-3611 after July 1, 2017

To purchase license/big game permits & Tags on line go to their website @ www.dnr.sc.gov/purchase

Questions regarding the new deer tag regulations, you can email:  DeerTags@dnr.sc.gov.







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