South Carolina Alligator Hunts

Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge offers all the excitement of a true alligator hunt in their natural environment. Guided hunts for these prehistoric creatures are done in our many swamps, lakes and canals along the Historic Savannah River. We offer guided alligator hunts with both guns and archery equipment, including crossbows. Our hunts are mostly spot and stalk on the banks or on the waters edge. Boat hunts can also be conducted when needed. We have a very high
success rate on our gator hunts depending on the size of the gator requested. Most gators harvested are in the 6 to 9 foot range. Alligators have to be at least 4 feet long with some being harvested in excess of 10 feet in length. The bigger the gator the more challenging the hunt will be. Most of our hunts can be successful on a 1 day hunt, but if your requests are for the really big ones, you will want to allow for at least 2 or 3 days of hunting. If you are looking for a hunt with a real adrenaline rush second to none, you need to try one of our wild and exciting alligator hunts at Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge.

Rates: September 1 – October 15

Meals & Lodging $300 per day for meals and lodging, plus the cost of gator harvested.
Harvested Gator 4′ – 7′ Gator $1000.00
7′ – 9′ $1600.00
9′ – 11′ $2500.00
11′ + $3500.00
  • $200.00 Non-resident permit required, in addition to a license
  • 4 foot minimum
  • Gators can be skinned and processed by our guides for $10.00 per foot
  • Taxidermist available

To get information regarding permits and licensing, click here.

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