The North Carolina Group with their two-day take

The North Carolina Group with their two-day take

This past weekend, we had 10 hunters down from North Carolina looking for a shot at some wild hogs. I think 5 kills, 6 misses and an untold number of sightings and close calls proves that they got what they were looking for!

And what is funny is that this group would have had a great time even if they hadn’t have seen a thing – they were just a fun bunch of guys to be around and guide! But like I said, most of them were covered up in hogs during their stay, and that always makes it easier to enjoy your trip. Thursday afternoon alone, the group that went down to the River property’s lower half killed four hogs and had several misses while Friday produced even more sightings and misses along with one more kill

Mike with his two meat hogs

Mike with his two meat hogs

Tim with his nice boar

Mike with his nice boar

on the upper half of that tract. We also alternated a couple of them over on Boggy Creek, but unfortunately that tract only produced some sightings and misses – but that is hunting.

Now for a story to illustrate what it is like to hunt with these guys… Check out Mike in his picture with his two great meat hogs. If you look closely, you will see a “Sow in Heat” bomb sitting on the head of one of them. They brought several cans of that stuff with them and put it out at every chance they got. And it may have helped bring in the swine, but I know for a fact that it will also empty a vehicle in a hurry.

James snuggling his hog

James snuggling his hog

Allen with his good boar

Allen with his good boar

The weather was freezing all weekend, and that definitely helped get the hogs up and moving. However it also froze up one of their “empty” cans, so that when one of them (Trent I think) got in the van Friday morning, it warmed up in the heat and then started to shoot out of the top everywhere… Let me just tell you how fast everyone was looking for a way out of that van! James and I bailed out the front and started running, but unfortunately the back doors only open from the outside on that one, so the rest were trapped in the back, and I truly believe that if the can had not run out when it did, they would have shot the windows out for some fresh air 🙂

Man, I can’t wait for this group to come back!

6 Responses to North Carolina Crew Has Hog Of A Good Time

  1. Adam says:

    It looks like they did very well and had a great time. Nice hogs!

  2. Patrick Joles says:

    Can’t wait to do it again! Great food and good times had by all! We’ll see ya next year.

  3. John says:

    Thanks to the great staff at Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge for the great trip we had. Even hough the weather was extremely cold everyone still enjoyed the hunting and great food servered. Our group is looking forward to another hunt also.

  4. Phillip says:

    That sounds like a great group of guys (of course they are, they’re from NC!), and one heck of a fun hunt!

    Man, everybody’s killing hogs except me!

  5. Howdy Y’all,

    Looks like Phillip was right! While he and I did our journalistic duty and bring the newest and latest, everyone else goes out and has them one heck of a good time.

    Congratulations to everyone, and many more successful hunt to you all!

    Albert A Rasch

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks for a great time. Looking forward to our next hunt. The staff and food can’t be beat

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