Randy and his 290 lb monster boar

Randy and his 290 lb monster boar

We had 8 hunters down from Maryland this past week, and they were excited to hit our lowcountry woods in search of some wild hogs.

Well, when the smoke cleared (literally), they had 6 good ones down. Randy stuck one good eater pig with his bow, then switched over to his muzzleloader to take a giant 290 pound boar off of the River tract. Ed, Ray, Rich and David then pitched in with good hog kills to fill their coolers with pork before leaving South Carolina. And as usual, the hunters also had lots of sightings of sows with young piglets to keep them entertained on the stand while they waited for the big boars.

Jamie with his 300 lb lowcountry boar

Jamie with his 300 lb lowcountry boar

We also had our old marketing/media coordinator/cameraman Ron Tabor down from North Carolina along with Jamie, his good friend and bear hunting outfitter from Ontario for a few days. They had lots of hogs around their stands, and Ron ended up missing one while Jamie took home a huge 300 lb. boar from the River.

PS: Any of you that have hunted with us before and/or seen the old Cypress Creek hunting promo video should be familiar Jamie and Ron. Ron did much of the work on the video and killed a good hog and a giant buck for it while filming himself. He also caught Jamie shooting a big pig with his muzzleloader. Unfortunately he hit the boar’s thick shield, and the sabot literally bounced off! Check that footage out if you haven’t seen it…


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