I know that it is still colder than heck out there these days, but since we have turned the corner into 2010, I am going to call this Spring. And one of the great hunts we have here in the lowcountry is our Spring hog hunting.

The “Spring” hog hunts are great due to the fact that there is just no other food sources left in the woods by this time. Most of the acorns have either been eaten or have rotted under all of the water that we have had on the ground lately, the deer hunters have left the woods and taken their corn piles with them and the cold temps force the hogs to come out and eat if they want to survive. So our fortunate hunters are able to take a stand over corn on one of our tracts that is loaded with hogs and have some of the best hog hunting action anywhere.

And now that the crew has gotten everything set up, corned up and ready to go, I am just waiting on the final tally along with harvest pictures of the Bass Pro group that is in camp right now so that I can share it with you here . Then from here on out, until at least the end of turkey season, we will be hog hunting like crazy, so we look forward to bringing you lots of hog hunting success stories complete with pictures over the next few months. However don’t think that you are out of luck if you have been dragging your feet about setting a hunt up with Cypress Creek- just give Becky a call so that she can tell you what dates are still open.

To help you hold on until then, we have a great video of Bass Pro Shop’s Tracker Boat rep Rod B. hunting hogs with Danny while Bub Jackson of Outdoor Moments runs the camera…

77-year-old Bill R. with his first deer ever

77-year-old Bill R. with his first deer ever

We also wanted to share with you one of the pictures we were waiting on from our deer season’s last week. Check out 77-year-old Bill R. with his first deer EVER. Just goes to show it is NEVER to late to start and that hunting is for EVERYONE no matter what ones age, shape or physical ability.

Now pick up the phone and call us to set up a hunt. We truly look forward to helping you “pursue the experience” here in the South Carolina lowcountry.

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